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April 20, 2020 @ 13:31

MARINA MASTER ACADEMY organize webinar series on how to Manage Marina from Home.

You are welcome to access video clips of general webinar Managing Marina from Home through and our previous webinars https://marina-maste … /webinars/links.html

Marina Master third webinar in series how to Manage Marina from Home will help you simplify the process of customer arrival (self check-in) and remote control of the marina. Customer check-in, docking, live view of the docks, orders delivery, invoicing and more can be managed remotely by utilizing the Marina Master platform.The webinar will be on June 4th 2020 at 4 p.m. CET (8 a.m. PST or 11 a.m. EST) or 6 a.m. CET (3 p.m. AEST), you are kindly invited to register https://marina-maste … r-webinar/index.html



April 06, 2020 @ 14:48

Marina Master activities are running smoothly and our team hope you are all well and your business keeps running smoothly as well in these unusual circumstances with COVID-19. The most important thing is that you, your family, coworkers and customers stay healthy.

Marina Master team has complete ability to work from home due to benefits of our Marina Master CRM , which we use also internally. It is our great pleasure to inform you that Marina Master clients - marinas, marina resorts and Yacht Clubs worldwide are happy to have ability to manage marina from home due to benefits of our software solution, Marina Master in web version.

You can manage your marina from home using from anywhere and any mobile device. Marina Master offers solutions for managing marina from home for marina managers, marina staff and marina customers. Our myMarina solution offer marina clients to communicate with marina, order services and view their boat live (stream camera) from home anytime.

Unfortunately some of marina resorts, boatyards and camp sites worldwide encounter with changed operations like closing down some resort facilities (restaurant, fitness, beauty center..). Marina Master team sincerely hope this restrictions will not leave any negative effects on your business and is therefore ready to help you to lead your business successfully through corona-virus crisis.

We also invite you to attend our FREE webinar on how to “Manage Marina from home” on April 9th 2020 at 6am CET or 2pm CET, for registration please contact as at