Marina & Yard Pavilion Stage, 10. 11. 2014
Marina & Yard Pavilion Stage


The Marina & Yard Pavilion is a focal point of the marina industry offering an overview of marina equipment suppliers that is global and comprehensive as well as an associated seminar programme which will feature knowledgeable speakers and specialist product-focused presentations at the Marina & Yard Pavilion Stage integrated in Waterfront Café in the Europe Foyer.

We kindly invite you to join our workshop:  Smart marina management - How to meet needs of modern marina


At METS 2014 on Marina & Yard Pavilion Stage on Wednesday 19th November at 14:00 we are going to discus:

  • How to automate all processes in marina;
  • Improving the quality and value of marina services and
  • Best profit ideas in marina environment.

For more information, please visit website:

See you at METS

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